Ben on a hill

I don’t remember exactly when I registered the domain and sentenced myself to a neverending series of awkward interactions with customer service representatives (“So do I! Ha. Anyway.”), but I must have posted at least a dozen About Me” pages on it over the years. Oh well, here goes another one.

I’ve played piano, organ and synths with some great bands and artists: Jont, Little Fish, Dogs Running Free, Candy Says, Gaz Coombes, Max Blansjaar. I’ve occasionally played my own songs too.

I’m a Director of Engineering at Bandcamp, where I’ve been working for ten years. First I answered emails, then I wrote Ruby code, now I have meetings. I love that I get to work with such smart, curious and socially conscious music nerds. My Bandcamp collection is here, my tape collection is on a shelf in my house and my recommendations for you right now are Ada Lea, Katie Von Schleicher and Magana.

I started Beanie Tapes back in 2019 to give physical form to some local music that I thought deserved more than a digital release and a couple of blog posts. Since then we’ve released 12 beautiful cassettes, put on some great launch gigs and established a modest but undeniable presence on the Oxford music scene.

In 2020 Nick Gill (playwright, composer, founder of a letterpress foundry and one of my oldest friends) and I started working on, an effort to design and create a series of semi-autonomous musical instruments based on pencil sketches that Nick draws in his more inspired moments. I’m responsible for the programming and the electronics, and over the last couple of years I’ve progressed from fixing a transistor organ (quite easy) to designing and building an analog/digital drum machine that doesn’t sound terrible (quite hard).

And now I own a 1974 VW camper called Dusty. I’ve reached Peak Dad.

Dusty the VW camper van by the side of the road